Albin Lee Meldau


We just wrapped up album mixes for Swedish Singer/Songwriter Albin Lee Meldau and we cannot get enough of these songs. He's a fantastic storyteller with an extraordinary voice, which sounds like it came straight out of Motown. The production was extremely inspiring to work on, it's is packed with lush brass and string arrangements to go along with a very urban feeling rhythm section and huge hooks.

File_000 (3).jpeg

In this day and age of mixing, especially with international clients, we rarely get to work face to face with artists. We use an array of web-based applications to be able to stream our mixes directly to our clients, which allows us to do real-time recalls despite being thousands of miles apart. As much as we've honed this system, it was a pleasure to welcome Albin's label and management team to finalize these mixes with us in Atlanta; Ryan Murphy, whom we know from his great work with Astralwerks (Cut Copy, The Kooks, Chemical Brothers a.o.) and Paul Sonkamble, who has been making waves with his management and production company Deerlily and is one of the creative forces behind the album. Thanks for going the extra mile with us guys, it was a pleasure!

Albin has released excellent work in the past, including his 2016 hit "Lou Lou", check it out here and stay tuned for the new album: