Cut Copy Full Length: "Haiku From Zero"

These are exciting times. Early this year our Australian friends in Cut Copy returned to Atlanta to spend the better part of three months recording and mixing their upcoming LP with us here at Maze Studios. The last time we worked with the guys, we mixed their classic Zonoscope album. The minute we heard the demos for Haiku, we understood how special these songs were going to turn out and we're delighted with the end result. We also understood that this was going to be the most organic CC album to date in terms of its instrumentation and production. As the two advance singles Airborne and Standing in The Middle show, these tracks have an exciting blend of masterfully programmed synths and drum machines, as well as a full live band with a sweaty percussion section. The boys spent many hours playing group percussion in our ISO booth, which we came to lovingly call the "Dub Shack". Much of the sound of this room, which is all over the album, be it on drums, percussion or even full band, came from a pair of Coles 4038 ribbon mics (pictured below).


The guitar tones on the record are amazing as well, and guitarist Tim Hoey deserves most of the credit for that, despite being a Boston Celtics fan. Besides some of the mainstays on Tim's pedal board including boxes from Strymon, t.c. electronic and electro-harmonix we added a handful of peals from EarthQuaker Devices to our studio arsenal, a are fresh take on thick analog delay and modulation effects, which saw ample use on this record. The bass chain for Ben Browning was more straight forward, just his very tasteful playing on Fender Jazz and P-Basses, the former with flatwounds, into an Ampeg Portaflex B-15 compressed by a dbx 160 and the phenomenal Esoteric Audio Research 660.


Everyone worked their tails off on this record and after several weeks holed up in the studio a little diversion was needed. This led to us setting up a ping pong table in the live room during mixing, and now we swear we can hear a ping pong ball bouncing every other snare hit! Seriously though, this band is a strong group of table tennis players, no one on our staff even stood a chance! Now, if we had set up a basketball hoop instead, things may have gone differently.. 

"Haiku From Zero" is slated for release on September 18 2017 and we couldn't be more excited about it. Don't miss out on this gem of an album!

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