Childhood are five young South-Londoners and they tracked a fantastic psych rock record rooted deep in the late 70's at Maze with us. It's called "Universal High" and it's out now!

Allright, we've had a lot of british blokes here lately, but one of them is really a frenchman. Monsieur Thomas Tomaski to be exact, and we made good use of his mother tongue on this record (just listen to the track "Melody Says"). 

We tracked and mixed this album in under a month, but the band came prepared and laid down much of the record live as a five piece. The drums were crammed into our vocal booth (as they ought to be for "that 70's sound) and we layered horns with analog synths all day! We were impressed with these guys, especially with the amount of tinder dates all of them were able to fit into 14 hour studio work days.

We love this record so much, it's smooth and full of soul. Do yourself a favour and check it out!


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