Mixing, mixing, mixing... and Coffee (or Covfefe?)

We had the chance to work on a lot of mixes this year, so we thought we'd showcase some of our latest prints here:

We had the pleasure of putting the finishing touches on Franz Ferdinand's contribution to the "30 Days 30 Songs" campaign against the orange plague that currently affects our nation's capital. It was so much fun to work on new music from these legends, who are sounding as fresh and manic as ever!

We're amazed at the amount of fresh music is coming out of Australia these days. New artist Jack River is no exception to this rule. We mixed her aptly named debut release "Highway Songs #2", which made us feel like we were listening to an old mixtape (yes, tape!) made for a good old fashioned road trip. Because of the oceans between us, it wasn't possible for us to actually get in the same room to mix, so we resorted to Skype calls and boradcasting our mixes live over Nicecast. It's a new age of mixing for sure!

More lady made rock n roll! This time from the Scottish powerhouse Honeyblood, who wanted to give the single "Ready For The Magic" the Maze treatment. We happily obliged; what a killer track on a great album!

Phew, that'll do for the moment. Back to work now...but first...coffee: