Dan Croll

It's been almost two years since Dan Croll from Liverpool came to Atlanta to record his sophomore album with us at Maze. It's called "Emerging Adulthood" and it's in stores and your favorite digital music platform now. He brought along a batch of songs so undeniably catchy that everyone at the studio was infected with the earworms immediately. Check out the latest single "Bad Boy" for proof below and catch him on tour!

The making of this record was unique in the sense that Dan is a true solo artist, who writes and records every part for every instrument on his albums by himself. He renewed our appreciation for 6-part vocal harmonies, the Korg Guitar Synth and cowbell solos. Somehow he also succeeded in binge watching all seasons of The Walking Dead (fitting since the show was filmed in and around Atlanta) while he was here, which is rather impressive considering he single-handedly performed a full band's worth of tracks for the album.

He is also a man of many stories and our favorite one is still when he got in an Uber here in Atlanta to catch a ride back to his AirBnB, only to find out that the driver was blasting his 2014 debut album "Sweet Disarray" (which despite its smash success in Europe was relatively unknown in the US then). He then proceeded through some pretty awkward small talk with the driver, who soon asked him what he was in town for. "I'm Dan Croll and I'm here to record my next album!", in response to which the driver reportedly slammed on the brakes and turned around in disbelief. Turns out his Uber was one of his biggest fans, and those were still rare in the US at that point in time.

We're certain that will change with this album, which is packed with infectious and richly textured pop-songs with smart lyrics. We highly recommend you put this record in repeat, we've been listening to it for over a year and still love it a much as we did when we made it.