Royal Canoe

Winnipeg natives Royal Canoe were in the house for the mix of their upcoming album. We had a blast putting the finishing touches on this exciting record, a colorful batch of songs combining soul and R&B with mathy twists and turns. Besides mixing, Ben Allen was involved in the production of the record, as well, having sent ideas back and forth between Atlanta and Winnipeg in the months leading up to the mixing sessions at Maze. These guys did nothing to weaken the stereotype of polite Canadiens by the way, Royal Canoe are extremely pleasant fellows who went out of their way to make these sessions go as smoothly as possible!

A big part of the sound here at Maze stems from the fact that our mixing set up incorporates a variety of outboard gear and complex routing through patchbays and our mixing console, so the process is truly a team effort between Ben Allen, assistant engineer Ben Etter and one of our four interns. Since our mixes aren't done completely "in the box" (i.e. in Pro Tools), every piece of gear is meticulously documented on recall sheets to ensure that we can accurately revisit mixes at a later date - like in the days of analog tape. Computers are great, but even in this digital age leaving a paper trail is sometimes still the way to go.