Whigs 3.0

Whigs Album Cover Art

So, Whigs record started this week. We're working at my home away from home, CPT. Our engineer, Tom Lewis, is tweaking Vari-Mu's and other toys to perfection.

Meanwhile, David Barbe is pontificating about the finer points of Little League, again on his soapbox.

Pre-production started here, a garage in Athens, situated conveniently next to a small sandblasting operation. Basically, the garage door stays open until sandblasting starts, then we pull the door down and bake like tomatoes in a hydroponic growing room. Nice, especially considering the now-tropical temperatures in Athens.

Luckily, we have Juno on hand to offer advice as well as proper dressing procedures. Tim is busy making magic like a whirling Dervish, while Julian and Parker ponder the implications of playback.

I'm not sure how we'd get anything done without tie-dye.