Lightspeed Champion

So, been working at Mission Sound in Brooklyn, producing the new Lightspeed Champion record with Dev and the boys from Adam Green's band.  As you can see, the secret to great drum sounds is an excellent hat:



Otherwise, I would suggest using a good drummer playing good parts on a good kit in a good room.  Then, and only then, would I worry about microphones, mic pres and compressors.  Amazing what you can do with good ideas and good people!  That said, a vintage 80-series Neve doesn't hurt:



Gibson Guitars was nice enough to lend us a couple of axes for the sessions as well:  an SG classic with P90's, a Les Paul bass, and an Epihone acoustic with a crack extending all the way from the bridge to the heel.  It actually sounds fantastic!  


After day #1, we've got one song wrapped up, except for vocals, which we'll be doing in Atlanta in early March.  I'll report back soon!